Improve your child's attention and focus, which can lead to improved grades and higher self-esteem

"...while he's always been a strong reader, I noticed an increase in his (my son's) concentration on what he was reading. With academics there was less frustration and breaking down."....--- mother of a 3rd grader

Improve reading skills
  Academic performance requires a seamless interface between cognition and volition. Not only does a child have to understand the material conceptually, but he must also be able to write and speak his thoughts. That requires what is called 'motor planning.' Even an activity as 'cerebral' as reading, requires the eyes to scan the lines in an organized and sequential way.  
With better concentration, reading skills improve Although the large majority of children are able to do these things well within normal limits, like athletics, there is always room for improvement to reach your personal best. Also, the attention required while doing the Interactive Metronome® program actually trains the child to have a longer attention span, which is extremely helpful in school. Better performance, higher self-esteem

No one can guarantee an improvement in grades. But, many parents, teachers and children themselves notice an increase in focus, which will mean they spend their time doing homework more productively.

Help your child reach beyond the 'normal' limits and excel.


"My son and I both think his reading has improved. And, the  people at school are telling us that he gets on task better and is less frustrated and more resilient."
mother of a 9 year old boy