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Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a software-based educational treatment, for children and adults that helps improve their motor planning, sequencing, and timing capabilities. It serves as a wonderful complement to existing therapies, including medication.

Planning, timing, and sequencing are the building blocks for learning. Studies have shown a strong correlation between timing and academic performance. Poor planning, timing, and sequencing result in a deficit of concentration which, in turn, is linked to a variety of learning difficulties.

IM is used to both assess and train the individual. It systematically and intensively exercises and improves planning and sequencing abilities, thus enhancing both learning and development. It is designed to be challenging, yet also very fulfilling. Trainees come away with more self-confidence and a feeling of success.

For peak performance in academics, athletics, and fine arts, the performer must have a highly developed ability to focus, concentrate, and process information -- both quickly and in an orderly manner. Interactive Metronome® training targets these underlying abilities, enabling the participant to perform at his or her optimum level.

The IM training program consists of 15 one-hour sessions -- performed 3-5 times a week, supervised by an experienced trainer who will help you develop a significant improvement in your concentration. And, it tightens the connection between your intention and your movement. All of which can dramatically improve:

  • Sports performance, such as golf, basketball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and others.
  • Mental performance for academics, performing arts, and certain areas of work performance.

The initial assessment of your timing takes just 20 minutes and there is no charge. While listening to a metronome through headphones, your ability to keep time with the beat is measured by computer as you do fourteen different hand and foot exercises. The average amount of time that you are off the beat (in milliseconds) is recorded for each exercise.

Does it last? Case studies monitored over the past five years indicate that it does. Patients tested 6 and 12 months post-training exhibit nearly identical performance on the IM as achieved during the training process. Further long-term studies are presently underway.

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TRAIN YOUR BRAIN, LLC is an organization that helps people improve their timing and focus for academic and athletic performance. Train Your Brain,LLC was founded by Star Anthony, DC, CIMT after seeing the benefits that Interactive Metronome® was producing with children with learning and motor disabilities.

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